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10 April 2009 @ 09:58 pm

Note: Is it me or does he keeps wearing the same shirt? ━━(Д;)

I'm frigging sad now. First, I am 84% sure that Juka will be withdrawing from the music scene from now on. I was checking his blog last night and, he made such a frustrating and confusing post. Due to fact that I couldn't understand Japanese that much, so I can't say its a definite answer of Juka to his fan, but I'm pretty sure that his post sounded something like this :

"it was a hard year, but I will gratefully leave now feeling happy. I will disappear forever. But it's nothing pessimistic and a sad time doesn't exist.  I won't sing songs anymore, but I thinks I'll reach (into) everyone's heart. It's a spell. Goodbye."

Then again, whatever is best for himself ♥

Secondly, my extrenal HDD files are now vanished, in just a blink of eye. It's EMPTY now. Zero. I don't know what are the causes for this shit to happen.

But, do you believe that sometimes a Godsend superheroes do show up themselves, especially in these kind of shitty circumstances? Well, I believe, at least for now, cause rinka88 is the superhero that i mean who is willing to share some of her stuff. Thank you superhero! ♥ But how about Juka's issue? I hope another superhero would fly to Japan to kick is ass back to studio and sing! I really mean it !


Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
rinkarinka88 on April 10th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
Oh LOL dude I don't expect you to call me a superhero! XDDD Ah I feel sorry to hear all your files disappeared.. V__V Don't worry when we have time we can meet up & I can give all my files to you :D which is worth 300gb. xD But I got tons of vgame stuff too actually.. and I know you're not really interested with those. XD;
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 11th, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC)
Haha cause there's no other perfect word for my situation now. I'm just too lazy to download all those stuff you know, thinking about my finals and stuff. But maybe I'll download some of GazettE's albums first. I feel like something's missing when there are no songs beating my ear drums even for a day ;_____;

Haha yea I'm not addicted to games like you do. Anyway, thank you in advance bud~!♥♥♥
Ju★Ju: Fuzyladysigh on April 10th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
damn all ur files are gone
geez i hate that so much >_<"
it is great that ur friend helped you D:

aww, that's too bad and too sad
his last post seemed so sad ;(

it seems his condition is so serious ;( wish him the best of luck
lolz ya it is seems the same shirt to me too xDDDDD probably it is his lucky shirt xDDDDD
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 11th, 2009 01:45 pm (UTC)
Yea, I hate it too, and there's nothing I could do to recover them back. And to make things worse, I didn't do any back-up files D: But that's what they call a friend in need is a friend indeed XD

I don't think it's due to his throat conditions cause I believe he has already fully recovered since he made a one whole year singing sessions with other indie v-kei bands. He shouldn't stop singing now. He's still yound and blessed wit talents >____>

He even has the exactly same pattern for his singlet ROFL! XD
Ju★Ju: meiladysigh on April 11th, 2009 04:54 pm (UTC)
I bet u learned ur lesson and created the back up files xD

then why he decided to stop :/
he lost interest in music scene?
that's too bad xP
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 12th, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
haha yea i definitely learn my lesson now! XD thank you for your reminder! >"<;

I don't know Juju. He should realize that he got talents that not everyone has. I'm seriously in love with his voice and songs lately. Damn I should know about Juka earlier! Not after he got that throat problems!
Christineikeru_shikabane on April 11th, 2009 05:22 am (UTC)
WHAAAAAAAAAAAT. jukaa leaving?! ;A; *CRYYYY*
i'm gonna miss him so mucch...
maybe he's ill or smth?
and omg i love that icon.. misaki <3 so cute~!!!
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 11th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
Yea, sort of. But maybe not. I'm not sure. Cause some said there's a big probability that maybe Juka was only trying to change his stage name and come up with a new persona. And, I don't think he's ill cause he already made a one year sessions with other v-kei bands. Whatever it is, let's hope that he'll come back ;_____;

Haha yea chibi-tan is such an adorable and aggressive uke! Nyaoo~!!
雪恋詩: Juka // Bluesetsurenka on April 11th, 2009 08:54 am (UTC)
DHFJKHDG I'M SO WORRIED AS WELL. There's speculation that he might just be changing his stage name and it's the end of "Juka", but not... him. I hope that's the case :C
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 11th, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Ah yea I've heard about Juka's new persona and such. There's a big probability though, since it's kind of weird for him to stop for a sudden after being in a one whole year session with other indie v-kei bands.

Oh let's just keep our fingers crossed ;____;
Fabulous Jerk ★kyon_chu on April 11th, 2009 03:41 pm (UTC)

Juka won't singing anymore ???

is his illness tat serious ?
i'm kinda worried... -3-
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 11th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
Yea, that was my first assumption at the moment I read his blog. So depressing X_____X But maybe he was just trying to change his stage name and such, I'm not sure. Let's just wait for his big surprise! XD
thelly_27thelly_27 on April 12th, 2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
I'm really pissed abou this.

I mean...i just can't believe it.

I just wish he was joking ^_^
sanzo_houshi88sanzo_houshi88 on April 12th, 2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Every avid fan of his is mad about this. But, thelly, you should take a peek on the latest post in cult_of_juka community, and try to read comments from lardeen. Her/His explanations maybe could at least cool you down a bit XD And I hope lardeen's assumption is true. Let's just keep our fingers crossed >"