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08 March 2009 @ 02:18 pm

How I wish I could make an order or purchase for Chara, Boys-Be or other Boys Love comic magazines in my country. I simply can't resist staring at such tempting Val x Havi front cover page *wipes drool* Anyway, I've been way left behind with Ayano sensei's manga lately. Since she was rumoured to be ill and won't be working on her on-going manga, so I decided not to check on her manga updates as frequent as before. So today when I checked back Manga Traders again, buncha new chapters and even volumes of Crimson Spell and Viewfinders OMFG! Damn you rumours! Or, has she already full recovered from the illness? By the way I'm quite unhappy with Crimson Spell's chapter #23 ending part. Val seems like been influenced by the curse of the stupid black sword. I frickin' hate it when some shit happens that could create a boundary between the uke and seme.

kick-ass!Collapse )

And, I have been listening and watching to Distress and Coma PV like for every single hour! The PV is just awesomely beatiful, the guys' make ups and accesories really suits the mood of the song. And same thing goes to the lyrics. Good job, the GazettE! You guys never fail to make the fans go ga-ga!
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02 March 2009 @ 10:55 pm

Courtesy of Nordiana Zulkiflee

Instead of worrying over my microbiololgy test which was held on today morning, I spent my weekends on sea grass island observing on sea creatures and feeding myself like a mako shark that haven't eaten sea lions for weeks. So, congratulations to myself for not being able to answer a lame-looking morphology shape of a bacteria. GRAH! And I still have three friggin' tests, two assignments and a lab report to be submitted on next week.

RANDOMCollapse )
And this may sound random. But when I was browsing  PSC 10th anniversary Arena special scanlations, I accidently saw this picture. So I thought this guy has already stopped on his nicotine addiction? Or he never mentioned that he planned to stop smoking? Oh well~

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22 February 2009 @ 09:50 pm

I've finally found another well-known seiyuu's blog - DAISUKE ONO! But wait. I don't think it's actually his. Again, due to my  very limited Japanese knowledge and vocabulary, I fail to understand much of his entries. There are more than one sentences included with "小野大輔さん" (read : Daisuke Ono-san / Mr. Daisuke Ono). So is it common for you to mention your own full proper name in your own blog more than once? Plus, there are only two entries only LOLZ! Gheez I phailed! But I'm positive this is an official seiyuu blog since there are lots of other seiyuu's updates. Guess I discover something new yatta!

So I accidently clicked on a link from the blog. And my jaw dropped all of a sudden once I saw this video:

THE HELL IS THAT OI ONO SAN?! He even made some pervy moves, the way he moves his hips OMFG!
My next target blog would be Sakurai Takahiro! I'm gonna dig your yaoiship with Suzuken sooner or later!

Okay, I need to continue my revision now, since I'll be sitting for Ichthyology test tomorrow. I probably won't be enjoying myself much for this two frickin' weeks. BUZZ OFF YOU EXAMS!

Sources :



ATT: Rinka, is this something new to you? (≧▽≦) I'm so sorry I can't tell you through YM or FS since UKM Jaring isn't cooperating now.

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29 January 2009 @ 12:22 am
Yesterday, my parents brought me to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur for me to enjoy myself there. Unfortunately I didn't. I guess Pavillion is a hang out place mainly for those who loves to spend hundreds or thousands just for perfumes, cloths, bags and shoes. There's not even a single sign of AMG shop there, except for SPEEDY. The only bookstore there dissappointed me even more. Just imagine a single bookshelf just for manga and the manga aren't even organised properly. Oh, and there was a bigass double-storey BVLGARI shop, which at least shows a tiny sign of jrock/visual kei signs ROFLOLOL!! So the conclusion is, high class shopping complex isn't for me. ( *)
To cheer myself up, I devour a bowl of Sapporo Ramen along with baby octopus as for my side dish at Ichiban Ramen. They are hella tasty!

WEEHOO! I finally obtain my open water diving license! I'm planning to pursue with an advance diving license, but oh well. I need an extra RM400 and plus, the adventure dives are crazy. Wreck diving(dive in a wreck ship under the sea), digital underwater photography, navigation dive (a limited time for you to dive at a certain depth) and night diving. Shit i hate night diving! You're only given a torchlight and you need to dive to a certain place using a compass.

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24 December 2008 @ 11:37 pm
I've been honored with a tag by ahh_kimochi !</lj>


Additional post :
I was just browsing at An Cafe's blog, since I was bored out of my skull. And surprisingly, I found this picture!

LOL! It's from Kanon! Yes, one of my favorite scene between Usami and Misaki from Junjou Romantica (if you don't have any idea what is Junjou Romantica, it's one of the well-known BL anime) Unfortunately, due to my very limited japanese knowledge, I can't understand much about his post. Too much kanji! But now I have a strong evidence about Kanon x Bou or Bou X Kanon or whoever you wish to be on top.


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15 December 2008 @ 02:07 pm
So three days ago I spent my day in KL again. I really had fun, seriously. Yippee!

A dgrayman 2009 calendar. SWEET! I guess this one is that i like the most among other calendars. Guess I'm too late, other otaku have already grabbed the better ones *sigh* 

I should stop over spending nowCollapse )
And yay again! I've finally have a full volume of Pretty Face >.< OMG PRZ DON'T LOOK AT THAT YAOI MANGA! And I wonder which manga should I collect after this. I planned to go with Gintama series but, let see how much do we have in my wallet. Ah....okay. *silence* Maybe i should start doing some street performance for my extra pocket money in somewhere Pudu Raya. OKANE GA NAI !!*cries*</div>
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08 December 2008 @ 10:46 pm


( ̄ー ̄)

So yesterday was Eid Adha, a somewhat well-known festival among the muslims, especially for those who already performed their pilgrimage. And instead of devouring the normal traditional festival meals, having a family gathering and follow my parents to have a visit to our relatives' houses, i just spent the whole frickin' day enjoying myself with gaming, anime and yaoi manga marathoning. Oh, and eating sushi. LOL! I love sushi especially with sashimi sauce. The one that I'm holding is baked unagi sushi, which means baked eel.  I've eaten two boxes of sushi in a week XDD Idk about you guys who are muslims, but most of my friends were celebrating eid. Even my chinese friends sent me eid text mesages to me. Gheez i feel ashamed of myself! What i mean by celebrating is to move your butt at every relatives' houses and eating the same thing as we had during eid fitri.

And last night i've watched a couple of Gintama episodes, and i stopped at ep115.  I was too tired of laughing. My abdomen really hurts. These are a few epic images of Hijikata. Nothing can beats the MAYO PRINCE!! ROFL!



MAYORA SAMA WA DARE GA?Collapse )And the last one is a screenshot from the 10th ED song. The title is The World is Yours by Plingmin, For some odd reasons, i don't really like the song. Maybe the girl's voice pitch tone is too high? I still consider Yuki no Tsubasa and Giniro no Sora by redballon are the best among Gintama's soundtracks. I purposedly took this screenshot since it's hard for me to see Hijikata's six packs LMAO! And the background...LOL BUNCHA DORKS! XDDD</div>




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26 November 2008 @ 07:39 pm

HOLY COW! The pose! XDDDDD WTH are you thinking of Hyde?? *slaps myself* Seriously Hyde's pose reminds me of a lot of yaoi manga that I've read before. God I don't wanna mention the exact term cuz it's too embarassing XDDDD But Hyde looks uber pretty & young in this pic. Is he really in his 40s anyway? Speaking of Hyde, i could still remember Laruku's FLOWER PV. LOL he was wearing a super tight leather pants and his crotch OMG you can see a bulge clearly! His hair cut looks exactly like Leon from RE4 too XDDD Oh i miss the days where i used to fangirl Hyde a lot *reminiscing* why am i getting more hentai these days? i've posted shou's crotch before and now it's hyde's perverted pose XDD
HOORAYYY~!! I'm home! I'm finally home! *dancing around* God I need a peaceful rest, seriously. Lots of things happened within a month in college. My roommate involved in an accident, I'd to take care of her and at the same time struggling for my finals, finishing my chemistry lab group assignments which needs a lot of discussions with the professor and forced to be a facilitator for a lame college programme which involves secondary school kids. Though it was a three-day programme but hell, it was like a three-week programme. The other committee members behaved like shit and everyone was so exhausted physically and mentally. That's why I was not in the mood to entertain the school kids. LOOOL sorry kidz! XDDD Ahh there's no place like home ( ̄▽ ̄*)

YAY! Anime marathoning timeee! X3

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20 November 2008 @ 11:32 pm

LOL yea it's an old pic of Arisu but when I was browsing my picture folders, I stumbled on this picture & I felt like posting it in my journal XP I know. I know. Shou's crotch. Yes, a frickin' obvious bulge XDDDDD GOD i wonder what makes he hard? And just look at his shirt. YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I'LL SCRATCH YOURS. LOL that explains it all, Shou! XD

Yatta~! Finally the finals are over. I seriously can't effing wait to leave college! And I have lots of plannings to do during my one month holiday! Anime marathon! Download manga, PVs, songs, anime etcetera etcetera. I'm getting left behind with AMG since the connection here is not obeying to its master XD.  But unfortunately I've to stay here for a couple of days more since I was FORCED to be a fasililitator for a programme in my college. *sigh*

OMFG! Viewfinder Naked Truth 18th chapter is already released! (つ゚Д)

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29 October 2008 @ 01:37 pm
Gyah I haven't updated my blogs for more than a month! So finally today will be my very last short holiday. And I've to focus & give 100% concentration for my upcoming exams. Geez! I never like exams ever since i was born! (well who likes it anyway?) Seriously I've to maintain my pointers. I always dreamt of studying in Japan and of course, it depends on my total pointers for the whole three years of studying . I wanna try my utmost & migrate to Japan! Ruki! Reita! Aoi! Uruha! Kai! Minna! Just wait for me! LOLZ

I realize that k-pop is dominating the fangirls even more recently. Even my sister is showing some k-pop fangirling signs nowadays., which is pretty RARE for me since she's not into neither Japan & nor Korean fandoms. Its not I hate korean idols. But sometimes I just find that the K-pop fangirls are just plain stupid. They fangirl and go KYA KYA KYA without even digging about their backgrounds, listen to their whole discographies and such. If you wanna be a TRUE FANGIRL, of course you need to support them buying their original goods, not just posting their faces here & there which sometimes makes my page loading goes fucking slow. (yea streamyx can be bitchy at times) I don't want to talk much about it because Im afraid some so-called [just enter any well-known korean bands or artists here] might get flamed. Well, if you are pissed off, doesn't that proves you're among the retarded k-pop fangirls?

And last night, when i was browsing some random sites in LJ, apparently someone unknown from Yahoo Messenger popped out .  He's from Bangladesh. He told me that we chatted before, but it was 2/3 years ago. I seriously can't remember I added someone from Bangladesh in my friends list though. Creepy! So since I was not in the mood for chatting with a stranger, so i decided to pull some silly pranks on him XD
I've shortened the conversations :

Note: I won't show the Bangladeshii's name, i guess i shouldn't reveal his name though I dont think he'll read this LOLOLOL

Unknown -san : hello
Unknown-san : male of female and where r u from pls and ur education qualification.
(the hell you wanna know my ed. qualifications?!)
Sanzo san       :  male, malaysia, college student (LOL yes i know this guy might be a horny guy so i decided to change my gender)
Unknown-san : Im too (LOLZ mind your englsh!)
Unknown-san : ur original name

Sanzo-san       : you're a male ?
Unknown-san : yes
Unknown-san : My name is Shamim Ahmed (i didn't ask for it anyway)
Unknown san : ur name pls

Sanzo-san      : My name is Asyraf. (i took my brother's name, LOLOL sorry brother!)
Sanzo-san      : can we make love ?
Unknown-san: How is this possible? U r a boy and I am boy so it's impossible. ok
Unknown-san: Ok bye for today. I need to sleep now. I'm going to bed now.

Sanzo-san     : hey wait!
Unknown-san: Why?/////////// (Wahaha typo PHAIL)
Unknown-san: Quick pls i need to sleep now.

Sanzo-san      : i need someone to make love with!
Unknown-san : ok u can try to find girl ok bye.
Sanzo-san      : no i need a guy! please! you're the only who suits me best!
Unknown-san : What u r mad man so i don't want to chat with u again. ok

END OF CONVERSATION. ROFLOL! I love seeing homophobes in panic! I used to disguise as a guy in one of Malaysia's Yahoo chatroom before. And surprisingly lotsa babes had crush on me, even asked for my phone number WTF! Gee I really wrote a lot this time. I've to do some spring cleaning before I return to college >__> JYA!

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